Christmas Break

Cinders and I have only recently returned to university for the second semester of the year after a wonderful, relaxing time at home over Christmas. Both of us are ready to get back into work, both in terms of academic workload and with Academy training. Here’s to hopefully the best and last semester at university… how time fly’s when you are having fun!!


Demo time

On Monday Cinders and I were lucky enough to take part in another demo for the 2nd and 3rd year Equine Sports Therapy Students, looking at rider position and jumping biomechanics. I’ve found that taking part in these demos is not only a great way to literally hands on learn, but also a great way to gain insight into my own strengths and weaknesses. I always come away having had a great time and with things to work on, double win!!

A picture of Cinders with markers on anatomical points

Training commences

With lectures at university well and truly underway it’s nice to use some of my free time here and there to train with Jane Hart, and the other Academy members this year. Not only have I found this to be a brilliant opportunity to further my riding, but it’s also a great chance to gain some valuable downtime away from any stresses about assignments and impending deadlines. I think we sometimes easily forget that university should be a great experience, so finding the balance between work and riding has really been the secret to my success and also allowed for a lot of fun along the way!!

Back for 3rd Year

Cinders and I have very fortunately been able to return onto the Academy at Writtle for our 3rd and last year of study. I’m really excited to be back after a fun packed summer and ready to kick on and finish this degree. Both Cinders and I are hoping to have an even better year then the last (if that’s at all possible!), so watch this space for loads more updates!

Horsey Accident!

Why is it that horses always find the most opportune times to hurt themselves? Take last week for example. We boxed Cinders up to take to a local arena, when we got there she was going so well that I took the opportunity to give her a little jump, but she surpassed my original intentions, and was happily jumping over 1.20m without even a flinch! However, not even 24 hrs later she had managed to get into a fight with a metal water trough out in the field. Unsurprisingly the water trough came out looking better from the conflict! Although thankfully, even with a few tears shred and not much sleep it seems that she is only sore for the incident. Luckily, our amazing physio at home was able to fit her in a day later, meaning I should have a happy and comfortable Cinders to bring back into work over the next few days. Who ever said owning a horse was boring?

Hot weather at last!

Well it seems as though summer is here to stay! If only we could now invent some kind of creation that allows us to have hot weather without the presence of flies. I have to say though I do love being back home at this time of year, there’s nothing better then seeing naked ponies out in the fields whilst the sun is setting in the distance (no mud in sight for once!!!). No doubt it won’t be long till we are all complaining that its too hot and having to get up at the crack of dawn just to ride in the cool, but for now I’ll enjoy this happy medium.

2nd year is over!

After a stressful week of exams and assignment deadlines I’ve finally finished my second year at university. Even with the stress of impending deadlines and revision for exams throughout the year I can confidently say this has been by far the best year yet!!! I’m starting to feel more confident day by day in my abilities and understanding of Equine Therapy and in my riding. This year has been the year for learning both off and on the horse! Cinders is now enjoying a well earned holiday out in the fields at home (stuffing her face with grass!!) before getting out and about over the next couple of months.

Trying out bits

After a recent lecture by Jane Hart and Sue Tracey I came away knowing so much more then I’ve ever known about bits and their fitting. It really is an interesting aspect to horse performance, and unfortunately, one that is often underestimated in its effect on both performance and comfort of the horse. I’m the first to admit that i’d never actually looked inside Cinders mouth before that day. Inspiration led me to researching all types of things online when I got back. Now I can confidently say that I’ve found a bit that works for both of us, and most importantly one that fits and is comfortable for Cinders (after a little bit of fiddling with different ones!). Research into the field of bits and their effects is very limited and something I feel that in the future we should pay more attention too.