Horsey Accident!

Why is it that horses always find the most opportune times to hurt themselves? Take last week for example. We boxed Cinders up to take to a local arena, when we got there she was going so well that I took the opportunity to give her a little jump, but she surpassed my original intentions, and was happily jumping over 1.20m without even a flinch! However, not even 24 hrs later she had managed to get into a fight with a metal water trough out in the field. Unsurprisingly the water trough came out looking better from the conflict! Although thankfully, even with a few tears shred and not much sleep it seems that she is only sore for the incident. Luckily, our amazing physio at home was able to fit her in a day later, meaning I should have a happy and comfortable Cinders to bring back into work over the next few days. Who ever said owning a horse was boring?

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